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bullet Web Site Tools And Services


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bullet  Web Site Analysis

 The analysis tool provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your web page code. Providing you with information about how to optimize your site for better search engine placement.

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bullet  Search Engine Checker

 The Search Engine checker, checks to see if your site is listed in 10 of the top search engines. If your site is not listed, you should consider one of our submission packages.

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bullet  Web Site Popularity Checker

 Our Web Site Popularity Checker will examine various engines to see how many other web sites are linked to yours. The more sites that are linked to yours may have a positive influence as to your positioning within the search engine results.

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bullet  Web Site Link, Graphic,   and Form Checker

 Our Web Site Link Checker examines all the links in your web site to your graphics, web site links, web page links and form calls. When your site has broken links it looks very unprofessional. Use this free tool and check your site today.

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bullet  Search Engine Position Checker

 Our Seach Engine Position Checker provides the actual position your web site appears for a particular keyword or keyphrase. If you are not satisfied with the position you have within any particular engines results, you must make changes to your web pages programming. Please refer to our Questiona/Answers area for more information about positioning including Title, Keywords, Description, Content, Links etc.

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bullet  Keyword Suggestion Tool

 Not sure what keywords/phrases to use? Enter a term related to your site and we will show you related searches that include your term and how many times that term was searched on last month.

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bullet  Website Test

 Tests a web page or CGI by retrieving the actual page. Shows response time, server type, page length and last-modified date and time (if available). Also shows response time averages for major ISP's and financial institutions. This test is similar to the test that AlertSite performs as often as EVERY 5 MINUTES for subscribers.

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bullet  WHOIS Domain Name Search

 A means of looking up names in a remote database. Used to discover the owner and administrator of a specific domain.

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bullet  JPGCrunchertm Picture Optimizer

 JPGCrunchertm helps speed up your download time by reducing the file size of your JPG images/pictures.

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bullet  GIFCrunchertm Picture Optimizer

 GIFCrunchertm helps speed up your download time by reducing the file size of your GIF images/pictures.

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bullet  Affiliate Program

 Our affiliate program provides you with the free opportunity to earn $70 for each submission program sold through your site, simply by placing a link on your page, or customizing our entire site for your business.

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bullet  Banner Exchange

 Become a member of our banner exchange and advertise your business on other people's websites for free. Also you will receive a 1:1 banner exposure ratio.

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bullet  Meta-Tag Generator

 The Meta-Tag Generator is a valuable tool which assists you in creating meta tags which are properly programmed.

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bullet  Hostname Lookup

 Determine a specific IP number from a domain name and vice-versa.

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bullet  Traceroute

 See the exact path a packet takes to get to a remote location. Traceroute can also tell you how long information takes to hop between points enroute to its destination.

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bullet  Ping

 An Internet program used to determine whether a specific IP address is accessible. It works by sending a packet to the specified address and waiting for a reply. PING is used primarily to troubleshoot Internet connections. In addition, PING reports how many hops are required to connect two Internet hosts. There are many freeware and shareware PING utilities available for personal computers.

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